Dallas Lighting & Photonics President and CEO, Kevin Stone, has been awarded US Patent No. 10/041,634 for METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR COLLIMATING LIGHT FROM A LASER-EXCITED PHOSPHOR ELEMENT, effective August 7, 2018, for the company's novel implementation of laser-phosphor technology. For inquiries or for questions regarding potential licensing, please contact Kevin Stone. 


Dallas Lighting & Photonics President and CEO, Kevin Stone, is awarded a US Patent

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Kevin Stone has more than 30 years in the lighting industry; he has held positions ranging from lighting designer to a product designer, including having developed proprietary and patented color-filtration and beam-shaping technologies as an inventor and product designer. Click here to download a pdf of the magazine, and see page 62. 


Live Design - Feature - Q&A Kevin Stone, President/CTO of Dallas Lighting & Photonics

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